Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day!!

We spent Father's Day morning at Daddy's favorite place - Laguna Beach!

Ava and Daddy. She is becoming quite the little Daddy's girl. Luckily, she still loves her Mommy too :)

Aidan is showing off his stitches. Two days before Father's Day Aidan got stitches for the first time. He was very brave! It seems to be healing well.

Later in the day we got together with all the family. Daddy, Mommy and Ava posing for a picture. Cute!

A rare family shot where no one is crying!!

Mommy and her sisters with their Daddy! He's a super Dad and Grandpa!!

A picture of Gramps and Evelyn with all of his Granddaughters and Great-grandkids!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trip to Michigan!

We were so fortunate to be able to go spend a week in Michigan visiting our family! It was so great to see everyone and all of the cousins had such a blast together.

A great picture of everyone together, except Grandpa Comstock who was taking the picture

Here is the best cousin shot that we got (missing little Avery though :)

This is Ava sitting with little Avery. Ava called her baby and was asking about where "baby" was for many days after we got home!

We were able to see Daddy's Grandma and Grandpa Paro as well. Here is a picture :)

Aidan, Ava and Daddy enjoying Grandma and Grandpa Comstock's huge yard!!

Everyone loves ice cream cones!!

More Fun in Michigan...

We all went and stayed in Boyne Mountain while we were visiting. There were so many fun things to do!
Here is Aidan going on his first boat trip :)

Aidan was with Daddy, Grandpa and cousin Nick. Uncle Chris was helping them get started!

We also went on some paddle boats which were fun. Mommy and Aunt Alissa were giving the kids a little ride.

Ava sporting her little pink bathing suit.

Aidan was lucky enough to fish for the first time too!

And he caught some. He was very proud!!

All the girls went ziplining! We had such a great time :) The boys went to play some golf, but I didn't get a picture of that!