Friday, November 28, 2008

Aidan's 1st Birthday!!!

We can't believe our little Aidan is a year old! We started celebrating a little early. Last night Aidan got his first cupcake. Here he is staring at his singing candle. He wasn't too sure at first. Once we gave him a spoon, he started digging into it. By the end, he was really enjoying himself. This was good practice for his birthday party next weekend!! This is Aidan today with a birthday sundae from Ruby's. He was out shopping with the girls and we decided to give him a little treat at lunch!
Aidan has been walking about 2 weeks now. He is so cute! We finally got a video of him walking loaded....

First Thanksgiving!

Aidan was very excited to share his first Thanksgiving with his family.

The play kitchen that Grandma and Grandpa bought for their house was a huge hit!!

Here is the kids table.

Everyone enjoying a great Thanksgiving feast (except Kristi taking the picture and Courtney who was in Hawaii...she was missed!!)

After dinner we all took a wagon ride over to the park. I believe that was the highlight of the evening for all the kids!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lots of Fun!

Aidan loves swinging at the park. It won't be long and he'll be running around the park, going on the slides, etc!

At Disneyland with great-grandma Harder....

Aidan loves to ride the carosel!

Aidan's new favorite thing to do is play in the refridgerator...

And climb in it of course...